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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 29, 2016

Guest 1: Torri Martin
Title : Director of SMARTATL, City of Atlanta

Guest 2: Otto Doll
Title : Chief Information Officer, City of Minneapolis

Guest 3: Scott Cardenas
Title : Chief Information Officer, City and County of Denver's
Technology Services

Smart City initiatives are pervasive globally and a lot of tax dollars...

Jun 28, 2016

Guest : Jennifer Greenman
Title : Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Moffitt Cancer

Millennials are the fastest growing segment of workforce and have proven their mettle as individual contributors and managers. Are organizations ready to reinvent themselves in order to be lead by the millennial...

Jun 22, 2016

Guest : Michael A. Garcia
Title : Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Jackson Health

Innovation is becoming critical to sustained growth and profitability for enterprises. How are organizations embracing and embedding innovation in their DNA? What are the related challenges?


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Jun 15, 2016

Guest : William George
Title : Author of Discover Your True North & Senior Fellow, Harvard
Business School

Linchpins are the essential building blocks of great organizations. Saying that a linchpin will scale organizational growth is a given; therefore, what does it take to turn a linchpin into a leader?



Jun 8, 2016

Guest : Jim Kouzes
Title : Coauthor of The Leadership Challenge and the Dean’s
Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business,
Santa Clara University.

When an organization needs an ability to improve a given business function, it invests and focuses on developing it. What about Leadership? Isn’t it one of...