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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jan 30, 2004

Higher fixed costs, lower occupancy, and other related challenges make Real Estate Management business highly competitive. That is where technology can play a key role in providing the required support as well facilitating new offerings to keep the business going. Let's listen to Scott to learn more about how Equity...

Jan 23, 2004

While some of us are moving at warp speed to embrace technology, there are some who don't have a computer or even a telephone. This is Digital Divide, a serious issue, that needs to be addressed. Each day, more and more politicians, industry leaders, community activists and everyday citizens are becoming involved in the...

Jan 16, 2004

Wireless telecommunication business is fiercely competitive. High fixed costs and lower prices due to competition leaves razor thin margins. Let's listen to Karen to learn more about how US Cellular is using technology for competitive advantage and retaining market share.

Jan 2, 2004

More and more Not For Profit organizations are leveraging technology to serve the community. Maintenance of these technology investments is expensive. That is where CICF and its technology support initiative NPower come to rescue. Lets listen to Greg and Beverly to learn more about their challenges and rewards,...