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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jul 30, 2004

Earlier Instant Messaging (IM) had a stigma attached to it that it is for fun only. Now it has become part of enterprise communication. Blogging is facing the same skepticism and is not being adopted by businesses thus undermining its true potential. Lets listen to John to understand what Blogging truly has to offer and...

Jul 23, 2004

Two independent teams working on their respective department level projects to build the SAME application. Sounds familiar? This arises from decentralized IT decision making. How chronic is this problem? Do we fix it or just invest an IT portfolio management solution to deal with it?

Jul 9, 2004

Due to the dynamic business environment, corresponding IT needs change as well. What does it take to exploit the technology innovations, preserve existing IT investments, and Re-engineer to produce a world class IT organization. Lets listen to Kevin and learn about the related processes, challenges, and rewards.

Jul 2, 2004

Organization invest heavily on business continuity. However, like any insurance, there is no residual value offered. Is it possible to eat the cake and have it too? Lets listen to Joe to learn how an organization can creatively invest its precious dollars to reap the benefits of Business Continuity and still are left...