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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Mar 29, 2006

Software companies now release thousands of patches every year. To make the process efficient, organizations using the software are deploying patch management software as an efficient and automated way to manage and deploy these patches. However, this alone won't provide a complete solution. Organizations need to...

Mar 22, 2006

Enterprise portals are rapidly being adopted to address the information and application access requirements of an organization. A large percentage of such deployments are not delivering results or are facing adoption issues. What is going wrong here?

Mar 15, 2006

Having been burnt by high failure rates using outsourcing, IT leaders are looking for options. Root cause analysis has determined that beyond money there needs to be a little more skin in the game, for an alliance to be successful. Is this highly collaborative, risk sharing approach, also known as IT Co-sourcing, going...

Mar 8, 2006

President Bush recently announced The American Competitiveness Initiative (ACI) to encourage American innovation and strengthen this nation's ability To compete In the global economy. This is an ambitious and multifaceted initiative. How is it going to impact the business and community in United States and other parts...

Mar 1, 2006

What if we had a complete visibility to customer’s values, their key issues, their thought process, their decision making approach, and their overall buying behaviors? Can we safely say “deploy Business Intelligence and CRM systems” is the answer?