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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Nov 25, 2009

IT leaders are used to thinking of IT governance as a way to optimize IT to create and deliver value. However, when economic times turn tough there is a tendency to see it as a cost and a budget item to be cut. What if that thinking is wrong? What if IT governance could help us to avoid costly mistakes and actually...

Nov 18, 2009

In troubled economic times, organizations tend to cut their IT budgets to reduce the risk of losing sustainability. However, unbridled IT cost cutting could actually increase risk by cutting the critical funds IT needs to help sustain business strategies and run IT. Because such cost cutting affects not only the IT...

Nov 11, 2009

Since IT supports the business functions needed to execute business strategy, wouldn't IT be a powerful ally in minimizing business risk? Is there any way IT could help identify risks ahead of the curve so they could be dealt with before they become serious issues? What kinds of risks could IT best help tackle?