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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 27, 2010

As a world we’re vulnerable to malefactors with a plethora of ways to create havoc and uncertainty in our lives and businesses. On the other hand, as a world, we’ve also elected to be completely plugged in and interconnected. There’s an on-going love affair with instant connectivity to anyone, anywhere, at...

Oct 20, 2010

What information drives your business? How big is the gap between what you have in quality of information vs. what is desired? What do we mean when we say that we want to compete on information? What is the holy grail for becoming a truly information driven business and how to get there?

Oct 13, 2010

The financial meltdown is bringing a new discipline to the investment services industry. Cost inefficiencies and malpractice are under attack everywhere. How is IT being used by IT and business leaders to identify ways to cut costs and improve service delivery and security for average investors while preparing...

Oct 6, 2010

What started as computer security, morphed into information security, and is now being called “information assurance.” This includes the managing of all risks related to the use, processing, storage, and transmission of data, the systems and processes involved, and information in digital, analog, and physical...