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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Apr 27, 2016

Guest 1: Allison Sagraves
Title : Chief Data Officer, M & T Bank

Guest 2: Cara Daile
Title : Chief Data Officer, Bank of the West

Guest 3: Stuart Gardos
Title : Chief Data Officer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer

Guest 4: Sankar Bala
Title : Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer,
Flagstar Bank



Apr 22, 2016

With rampant use of legacy further compounded by isolated use of best-of-breed point solutions (often Software-as-a-Service), we may be unintentionally losing the enterprise perspective much needed to realize the Patient Centered Care (PCC) dream. Do/should you have a "Best-of-breed OR Enterprise Strategy" or a...

Apr 13, 2016

Guest: Judith Toland
Title: Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance

With easily available Cloud and off-the-shelf marketing tools and technology, does CMO even need a CIO’s help? Is there value in exploring a loosely coupled CMO-CIO relationship with a healthy balance of independence and...

Apr 8, 2016

Patient Centered Care requires accurate, actionable and customizable information accessible to all involved in individual's care as well as effective integrated healthcare and wellness ecosystem. This is only possible through robust and cohesive software applications  as well as related interoperability among partners....

Apr 6, 2016

Guest1: Stephen Elkins
Title: Chief Information Officer, City of Austin, Texas

Guest2: Sue B. Workman
Title: Chief Information Officer, Case Western Reserve


Why do people work in an organization? How does a leader make sure that leaders can create an environment that inspires its employees and allow them to...