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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Oct 20, 2016

Guest 1: Kevin Burns
Title : Chief Information Officer, City of Miami

Guest 2: Don Phillips
Title : CIO, City of Cleveland

While the digital world offers options and unprecedented opportunities, it causes distractions and thus leakage in organizational productivity and value creation. How can we dismiss distractions and...

Oct 12, 2016

Guest : Ursula Cottone
Title : Chief Data Officer, Citizens Bank

Many companies have embedded analytics within their organizational framework expecting a positive impact on company revenues, margins, and organizational efficiency. Have such data and analytics program delivered on the promise?


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Oct 12, 2016

For sustained growth and profitability, organizations are looking to scale globally but also recognize the need to remain responsive and customize experience locally i.e. glocalization. How can technology enable this?

Oct 12, 2016

Real leadership is a result of actually facing problems, pressures and pain points, leading change initiatives that matter and making positive leadership choices. There is no real checklist to become an effective leader. While coaching and other help is available, how can aspiring individuals become intentional about...

Oct 5, 2016

Guest : Mark Allen
Title : Chief Information Officer, Mississippi Department of Human

Working within a framework and structured environment builds organizational stability and in-depth experience. To grow and innovate, thinking outside the box is recommended. Can growth and innovation only happen trampling over...