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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Apr 26, 2017

Among the many emerging technologies that are available, not all will help with differentiation, allow breaking into new markets, remaining competitive, and enabling innovation. How can organizations stay current with these emerging technologies, prioritize related investments, and reduce the associated risk of failure...

Apr 19, 2017

Leadership comes at a cost, and demands many lines of expertise. Are you ready to deliver? A CIO is no longer just an IT leader, he or she needs to be able to deliver business strategies using technology expertise. Are you there yet? Is your team behind you? The top position comes at a price to personal life. Are you...

Apr 10, 2017

Not everyone is a protégé or born leader. However, putting the right people, with the right capabilities in the right roles can help an organization achieve its most ambitious goals. How can leaders align their strategy, culture, and technology to get the extraordinary done?

Apr 5, 2017

When faced with uncertainty, most organizations make moves to mitigate risk and prepare for managing the potential consequences of dealing with the unknown. What can leaders do to harness the confusion to create opportunities for market differentiation and unleash innovative solutions that appeal to customers, partners...