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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 29, 2019

Guest 1: Saugat Dutta
Title: Country IT Head/CIO, DP Worldwide

Lack of transparency, siloed thinking, lack of vision, and openness to experimentation indicate issues that prevent harnessing digital opportunities in enterprises. How can we reset and rebuild a winning culture for digital success where leaders think big,...

Jun 17, 2019

Guest 1: Steven A Marks
Title: CIO, Brooklyn Law School

Guest 2: Dr. Jonathan Vester
Title: Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer, Nash Community College

Guest 3: Kelly Walsh
Title: CIO, The College of Westchester

CIOs need to shift from keeping business humming and predictable to mastering the art...

Jun 7, 2019

Guest 1: Sheryl Rose
Title: Chief Information Security Officer, Summa Health System

In the digital age, IT security needs to improve resilience, fast track innovation, and drive business expansion. But we require the entire organization’s support to make that happen. What does it take to make IT security...