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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Jun 25, 2004

IT Management of retail industry requires a constant balancing act between always up POS (point of sale) systems while helping back-office operations run smoothly to ensure overall consumer experience. Lets listen to Jef to learn about the unique challenges faced and corresponding strategies implemented to...

Jun 11, 2004

Over dependence on outside consultants and weak in-house IT staff acts as a double-edged sword that could prove disastrous for an IT organization. Lets listen to Jim to learn about what it takes to remove such inefficiencies and help streamline IT organization resulting in better productivity and reduced costs.

Jun 4, 2004

Companies are making significant investments in Web Services for seamless interaction, internally, as well as, with outside organizations. In some cases, in fact, it almost seems like Web Services is considered a ‘cure-all’! However, are there any strings attached? Let us listen to Sinisa and sift hype from reality.