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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Dec 30, 2015

Guest 1: Kevin Burns
Title: Chief Information Officer, City of Miami

Guest 2: Walter Weir
Title: CIO, The University of Nebraska

How does the year 2016 look for the CIO? With new disruptive technologies such as mobility, big data, and cloud are mainstream, what new technologies will the CIO bank upon? What are the...

Dec 16, 2015

Guest 1: Jay Ferro
Title: CIO, American Cancer Society

A healthy organization's culture can be best understood as a set of shared values and how everyone gets work done as individual and team to delivers value to customers. A healthy culture results in sustained growth, profitability and employee wellbeing. Who...

Dec 9, 2015

Guest 1: Dean Pipes
Title: Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer, Zurich Insurance

Your organization may have dedicated Enterprise Architecture (EA) groups as the custodian of the what and how IT systems and applications should enable business processes. Is it driven by ideal state scenarios or empirical evidence...

Dec 2, 2015

You can either submit to the turbulence caused by complex and fast pace business environment and get lost OR position yourself ahead of the trends. What does it take to become a visionary leader and help your organization navigate through sea of change and land on the green pastures of opportunity and growth?