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CIO Talk Network Podcast

Sep 28, 2017

Guest 1: Daren Hubbard
Title: Chief Information Officer, Wayne State University

Guest 2: Dr. Jonathan Reichental
Title: Chief Information Officer, City of Palo Alto

Michelangelo saw an image in a block of marble and chiseled it out, removing the extra. While there are other reported barriers to digital transformation,...

Sep 22, 2017

Guest 1 : Bob Baskerville 
Title : Chief Information Officer, Scripps Networks Interactive

Guest 2 : Veneeth Purushotaman
Title : Chief Information Officer, Fortis Healthcare

You must keep learning to grow as a leader to expect and respond to emerging challenges. You’re always busy, and there are no academies or crash...

Sep 13, 2017

Guest : Peter Ambs
Title : CIO, City of Albuquerque

The Analysts are predicting the rewards of adopting IoT to be over Trillion Dollars. But most organizations are struggling to justify investments beyond Proof of Concept (POC). Some don’t have enough use cases for monetization. Others report that the changes required...